Money – The Excellent Gift

Money – The Excellent Gift

You’re probably used to hearing people in church talk about giving. But when was the last time in church that you talked about earning or saving? Is it unchristian to earn money? Is it wrong to save for ourselves and our families?

John Wesley didn’t think so. Wesley, the Christian evangelist and founder of the Methodist movement, gave a remarkable sermon called “The Use of Money.” In it, he said that the important thing isn’t money itself but how we use it. Wesley’s surprising advice still rings true today: earn all you can, save all you can, give all you can.

Join us from October 18 to November 8 as we explore together Wesley’s surprising advice.

  • October 18 – If You Could Ask for Anything
  • October 25 – Money – The Excellent Gift
  • November 1 – You Can’t Take It With You
  • November 8 – How Far Will You Go?

 What is this sermon about?

This sermon is about John Wesley’s advice to earn all you can as a person of faith.

Why is this sermon important?

It is important because too often there is a separation between our work and faith.

What is the context of this sermon?

This sermon is the second in our annual stewardship series. This sermon and worship series have been developed using the resources from Jim Harnish which were published by Abingdon Press in 2015.

What are the next action steps?

  • See money as “the excellent gift,”
  • Consider your calling, and
  • Make decisions about how you manage your earnings in ways that are consistent with your commitment to Christ.”

What is the good news (bottom line)?

The good news is that God has a calling for you. Earn all you can by honest work, common sense and without paying more than it is worth.