Skelly Partnership

Skelly Partnership

In 2017, First United Methodist Church began to develop a hands-on partnership with Skelly Elementary School. Our church seeks to build authentic, trusting relationships, build on existing relationships, cultivate a network of champions at the school and seek to contribute to student achievement.

Core Principles for Our School Partnership

Adapted from Serve United

  • Relationship – partner “with” rather than “for” the school: “listen well and move at the speed of trust”
  • Service – serve without promoting your own agenda: “no agenda”
  • Integrity – be reliable to follow through on commitments: “a yes is a yes”
  • Commitment – continue your effort over the long term: “here to stay”
  • Celebration – lift up “wins” with the schools/families: “milestones matter”
Core Values for Our School Partnership

Adapted from Be|Undivided

  • No agenda – We don’t initiate service to the school as an avenue for proselytizing
  • Humility – We seek to recognize the expertise of school staff, and come alongside to fill in school-identified needs and gaps.
  • Excellence – We are people of our word. We encourage our people to under-promise and over-deliver!
  • Sustained – We seek to be committed to the long-term needs of the school we serve.
  • Community – We encourage our congregations to be present with the school we serve together—games, plays, functions, serve days, etc. We believe that there is power in community.