Skelly Partnership

Skelly Partnership

In 2017, First United Methodist Church began to develop a hands-on partnership with Skelly Elementary School. Our church seeks to build authentic, trusting relationships, build on existing relationships, cultivate a network of champions at the school and seek to contribute to student achievement.

Core Principles for Our School Partnership

Adapted from Serve United

  • Relationship – partner “with” rather than “for” the school: “listen well and move at the speed of trust”
  • Service – serve without promoting your own agenda: “no agenda”
  • Integrity – be reliable to follow through on commitments: “a yes is a yes”
  • Commitment – continue your effort over the long term: “here to stay”
  • Celebration – lift up “wins” with the schools/families: “milestones matter”
Core Values for Our School Partnership

Adapted from Be|Undivided

  • No agenda – We don’t initiate service to the school as an avenue for proselytizing
  • Humility – We seek to recognize the expertise of school staff, and come alongside to fill in school-identified needs and gaps.
  • Excellence – We are people of our word. We encourage our people to under-promise and over-deliver!
  • Sustained – We seek to be committed to the long-term needs of the school we serve.
  • Community – We encourage our congregations to be present with the school we serve together—games, plays, functions, serve days, etc. We believe that there is power in community.
Current opportunities at Skelly Elementary

Throughout the year, our Giving Tree in the Welcome Center has supplies the school needs to effectively teach kids. During these giving seasons, please just grab a tag, purchase what is listed, and bring back to the Giving Tree so we can supply all needs at once.

Periodically, the school has activities where volunteers are needed. Grandparents Day in September and Thanksgiving in November are two examples of these events.

Volunteers are also needed for the I Can Read program. I Can Read targets 2nd graders who are reading below grade level and would benefit from an adult reading buddy. This is a weekly commitment for about 30 minutes, and school staff work with your schedule to be as accommodating as possible!

For more information on our Skelly Partnership, please contact Linda Larson at