Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the project scope?

The project includes electrical service upgrade and renovation to the sanctuary and hospitality room. The electrical service upgrade will install new electrical service into the building and support future electrical work. The renovation of the sanctuary will address the chancel and main level seating. We will maintain the traditional look and feel of the sanctuary while creating more accessible seating areas, open concept hospitality area, and a flexible, accessible and spacious area at the front of the Sanctuary for choir, musicians, preacher and worship leaders.

What will construction cost? How do we plan to fund it?

The current project scope will cost $530,000, as follows:

  • $40,000 for Capital Campaign Expenses
  • $30,000 for Architect / Engineering / Survey Fees
  • $60,000 for Contingency Fund
  • $90,000 for Electrical Service Upgrade –
  • $310,000 for Sanctuary chancel, main level seating and hospitality room

We will fund the construction with capital campaign commitments of over $530,000 with a three year giving commitment period which will be complete in 2019. We are planning for a construction loan to allow the construction to take place before the end of the commitment period.

As of July 31, 2016, we have received three-year giving commitments from 103 households for a total of $537,629.22 committed to the project. As of July 31, 2016, we have raised $192,396.61 of the total committed.

Will all members of the church be asked to make a commitment to the capital campaign?

Yes, the Campaign Leadership Team hopes all members and attendees will pray and seek to be a blessing through their financial commitment to the campaign.

How long is the commitment period?

A financial commitment may be paid out over a three-year period in weekly, monthly, annual, or one-time donation. There will also be an opportunity for “add-on” giving once a commitment has been fully reached. The campaign will also accept assets of tangible value through the assistance of the Finance Committee.

How will this impact my annual giving commitment to the operating budget?

We are asking people to make a second mile gift, over and above their giving to the operating budget. It is important that you do not decrease your operating giving so that you can give to the capital campaign, as this would have a negative impact on our day to day ministry.

When will construction begin and end?

The latest plans call for construction to begin in January 2017 and conclude in April 2017.

How much additional space will there be in the chancel area?

Including the steps, our current chancel space is 526 square feet. The new chancel area will be 798 square feet, including steps. This is an increase of 52%.

How will the church be impacted by the construction?

Operating in an active construction zone will require patience and flexibility from all through the sawdust and “messiness” of a building project. The sanctuary and gathering spaces will be closed with special corridors constructed to access the office areas and nursery. Other spaces in the church may serve double-duty for activities and programs displaced from the Sanctuary and Hospitality Room. Fellowship Hall will serve as our worship space. Some parking may be modified to allow for construction storage. The office area should remain largely operational but “flexible” during construction. Every effort will be made to minimize the impacts on our Christian life in the community.

Will the proposed sanctuary seating be large enough for maximum capacity services, such as Christmas Eve, Easter and funerals?

Yes. We will be able to accommodate the need for any additional seating capacity at maximum capacity services. We will have expanded overflow seating in the Hospitality Room when the renovation is complete.

What about audio, video and lighting in the sanctuary?

Audio, video and lighting in the sanctuary are not currently included in this phase of renovation, however construction will be completed in a way that will more easily allow future upgrades as funds become available.

What are the plans for the organ?

We plan to keep the organ. Our Muller organ is an excellent instrument and a strong addition to our worship space. We are working with an organ specialist  to ensure the organ will receive appropriate care and work so as to continue to be functional for worship.