Growing Forward Capital Campaign

Growing Forward Capital Campaign

Inspired Worship

We have the opportunity to ensure that our building will continue to be an effective place for people to gather to worship, grow, give, serve and share as disciples of Jesus Christ.

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Progress – March 13, 2017 Progress – March 6, 2017 Progress – February 20, 2017 Progress – February 8, 2017 Progress – February 6, 2017 Progress – January 25, 2017 Progress – January 18, 2017 Progress – January 12, 2017


2013 All Church Conference approves formation of a Facilities Planning Team to explore how we might most effectively use our facilities as a tool to accomplish God’s plans for our church. 2014 Facilities Planning Team received input from the congregation and worked with GravityWorks Architecture to develop a master plan for our facilities. 2015 January – Share results of 2014 master planning process with congregation February – Facilities Planning team meets with groups and individuals to receive response and questions March –…

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the project scope? The project includes electrical service upgrade and renovation to the sanctuary and hospitality room. The electrical service upgrade will install new electrical service into the building and support future electrical work. The renovation of the sanctuary will address the chancel and main level seating. We will maintain the traditional look and feel of the sanctuary while creating more accessible seating areas, open concept hospitality area, and a flexible, accessible and spacious area at the front of the…

3-D Renderings

3-D Renderings – Narrative Description Video 3-D Renderings – Slideshow 3-D Renderings – Description We begin with what you know as the Hospitality or Overflow Room. This a view of that room as you walk up the stairs from the main entrance. You see our existing sliding glass doors the door that you see here goes to the south stairwell. This will allow easy access to our Children’s Church room at the top of the stairs. This next view is facing…

Building Master Plan

These plans were developed in 2015 to give guidance to the congregation for future improvements to our building and grounds. Phase 1 is focused on electrical infrastructure and renovation of the sanctuary, balcony and hospitality room