3-D Renderings

3-D Renderings

3-D Renderings – Narrative Description Video

3-D Renderings – Slideshow

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3-D Renderings – Description

1 - Hospitality Room - Facing Stairwell DoorWe begin with what you know as the Hospitality or Overflow Room. This a view of that room as you walk up the stairs from the main entrance. You see our existing sliding glass doors the door that you see here goes to the south stairwell. This will allow easy access to our Children’s Church room at the top of the stairs.

2 - Hospitality Room - Facing OfficeThis next view is facing back toward the office with the elevator just off to the left, closet and stairwell door here on the left. The wall where the bulletin boards are now has been removed, which will allow first time guests who come to the top of the stair to immediately see the worship space.

3 - Hospitality Room Facing Elevator and Main Entrance StairwellThis view shows the elevator entrance door with this wall removed as well. This will significantly relieve congestion around the elevator on Sunday morning to create a better experience for both long time members and first time guests.

4 - Hospitality Room - Facing Sanctuary EntranceYou can see how this creates a more welcoming and open space as you come closer to the sanctuary.

5 - Hospitality Room - Entering SanctuaryThe door to the sanctuary will be widened to allow easier entry and exit.

6 - Hospitality Room with Overflow SeatingHigher ceilings, a pocket to conceal our existing glass doors when opened, and an arch that mirrors the interior of the sanctuary will create a more worshipful environment for overflow seating situations like Christmas Eve and large funerals from both the back…

7 - Hospitality Room with Overflow Seatingand the front of this room…

8 - Sanctuary from CongregationNow, we move to the sanctuary with a view from the main level, just under the edge of the balcony. You will notice that the back of the chancel area has been designed to reveal stained glass that is currently hidden and maintain the traditional look and feel of the worship space. While these renderings do not show any audio visual equipment, we anticipate that the two screens one on either side of the sanctuary would remain, as they are today.

9 - Sanctuary from Chancel

You can see from this view that the sound board and graphics computer has been moved from the side of the balcony to the center. This will ensure that every seat in the balcony has an unobstructed view.

10 - Balcony

With a higher view, you can see that the front row of seats has been removed and the flooring lowered to the original height. This will increase safety entering and exiting the balcony. You also see a center row of seats removed to improve circulation in the balcony. While this drawing shows the original balcony seats, we have the opportunity to install wider balcony seats for increased comfort.

On the main level, our current pews are reconfigured to to create more legroom in each row, move handicap seating forward and relieve congestion at entry and exit.

11 - Sanctuary from Balcony

Here you see the front of the sanctuary from the balcony. Everything is on one level with a handicap accessible ramp concealed behind the back to allow for handicap access on the chancel. The communion rails would be removable and nearly everything on the chancel would be movable to allow for maximum flexibility for worship and community events, like the Butler holiday choir concert.

This work will preserve a sacred and traditional worship space which will be ready to welcome people for generations to come.