You are Here

You are Here

It can be a challenge to know the next step in your faith journey. There are so many options from which to choose, and it can seem as though each person is going in a different direction. Why can’t it just be simple, straightforward, and user friendly? Join us October 5 to 19 for our new sermon series “You Are Here” as we explore the challenges of growing in your faith.

Trusting the Path

This sermon is about the discipleship pathway at First United Methodist Church which tells us how to become, grow and make disciples of Jesus Christ. This sermon is important because to be and make disciples we have to know the path.

Which Way Should I Go?

This sermon is about how direction determines your destination in life and particularly in our spiritual lives. This sermon is important because it clarifies the truth that moving in God’s direction is the way to grow in faith as opposed intentions are enough to grow closer to God.

Come, Follow Me

This sermon is about what it means to be a disciple – in Jesus day and for us today. This sermon is important because understanding more of what it means to be a disciple can help us become one and help others along the pathway of discipleship.