The Requirements of the Lord

The Requirements of the Lord

This is the second sermon in the series, Restoring Joy: 5 Habits for Living Well, in which we explore five important lessons the Bible teaches us about living well and experiencing real joy.

This sermon is about what God requires of God’s people – not religious stuff, instead walking daily with God. This is important because, at times, it can be easy to focus on religious stuff and leave God out of our every day life.

The good news is that God’s grace for us in Jesus Christ make it possible to do justice, embrace love and walk humbly with God.

Some ways to respond to this sermon are to seek to

  • Do justice – Actively working for fairness and equality for all
  • Embrace love – love of God and love of neighbor, especially those that are in the most need
  • Walk with God – in a humble and simple way that restores joy and leads to life.