"walk" Tagged Sermons

"walk" Tagged Sermons

Bread and Water

He spent three years with Jesus. He watched Jesus work, heard him teach and walked with him in Galilee. He was there on the night in which Jesus was taken to be crucified. Before this man died, he passed on the testimony of what he had seen and heard. The gospel of Mark is that testimony. February 14 – The Beginning of the Gospel February 21 – Sowing Seeds February 28 – Bread and Water March 6 – Clarity, Christ and the…

Christianity’s Family Tree

This sermon is about those beliefs which we hold in common with other Christians, as introduced by the story of the Road to Emmaus. It is the first sermon in the series, Love Divine: Life as a United Methodist. During this series we consider the defining characteristics of life as a United Methodist Christian and what makes our approach to faith distinct from others.

The Requirements of the Lord

This sermon is about what God requires of God’s people – not religious stuff, instead walking daily with God. It is the second sermon in the series, Restoring Joy: 5 Habits for Living Well, in which we explore five important lessons the Bible teaches us about living well and experiencing real joy.