Seeing Jesus Today

Seeing Jesus Today

Jesus didn’t come to start a religion. The rebel Jesus came with a renegade gospel to start a revolution. Join First United Methodist Church in worship as we discover Jesus all over again.

  • February 22 – Come, Follow Me
  • March 1 – Discovering the Rebel Jesus
  • March 8 – Revolutionary Lifestyle
  • March 15 – The Most Important Question You Will Ever Have to Answer
  • March 22 – Seeing Jesus Today
  • March 29 – The Way of the Cross
  • April 5 – Resurrection

What is this sermon about?

This sermon is about seeing Jesus today.

Why is this sermon important?

This sermon is important because it reminds us that Jesus is active in our world today, not just long ago and far away in the world of the Bible.

What is the context of this sermon?

This is the fifth sermon in the Renegade Gospel series. It is the Sunday after the official start of spring and the first weekend of NCAA basketball tournament. This sermon and series were developed using The Renegade Gospel by Mike Slaughter as a guide.

What are the next action steps?

To see Christ today:

  • Wake up and stay alert…
  • Remain connected to a community of disciples who will hold us accountable.
  • Constantly to be aware of our dependence on God.

What is the good news (bottom line)?

The good news is that we can live in a vital relationship with the rebel Jesus today.