What does the Holy Spirit do?

What does the Holy Spirit do?

Tongues of fire… the spirit of life… the essence of truth… the voice of God. The Holy Spirit has always been here, and will always remain. Come explore the power and comfort of the Holy Spirit.

  • November 15 – Who is the Holy Spirit?
  • November 22 – What does the Holy Spirit do?

 What is this sermon about?

This sermon is about the work of the Holy Spirit.

Why is this sermon important?

It is important because the work of the Holy Spirit is essential to our life together as the church, yet has been downplayed at times.

What is the context of this sermon?

This is the second and final week of the Holy Fire series. This sermon is adapted from the Alpha Talk by the same name.

What are the next action steps?

  • Come and experience God’s love for you.
  • Come and experience this intimate relationship and be able to address God as Abba.
  • Come and have this deep experience of feeling God’s love.
  • Come and have access to the Father, the Spirit helping you to pray and helping you to understand the Bible.
  • Come and be made into the likeness of Jesus.
  • Come and receive the gifs of the Spirit.
  • Come and experience the power of God to bring blessing by telling others about the good news of Jesus.

What is the good news (bottom line)?

The good news is that the invitation to follow Jesus and be filled with the Holy Spirit is for everyone.