Faith / Actions

Faith / Actions

We all have choices in life. Often, it seems, that we have to choose one or the other: Right or Left. This or That. True or False. Stop or Go. Sometimes, the answer is Both / And. Join us for a four-week series in worship as we consider the message of the book of James and how to live as disciples in our everyday life.

  • May 29 – Hearer / Doer
  • June 5 – Faith / Actions
  • June 12 – Blessing / Curse
  • June 19 – Submission / Resistance

 What is this sermon about?

This sermon is about the kind of faith that brings salvation – faith and action.

Why is this sermon important?

This sermon is important because while faith alone saves us, it is a certain kind of faith.

What is the context of this sermon?

This is the second in the James worship series. This sermon is adapted from a sermon preached at the Village Church and found online at

What are the next action steps?

Live a life that really is life.

Show your faith by your actions.

What is the good news (bottom line)?

When we consider faith and action, the good news is that God, in Christ, has acted first. In the cross, we see God’s love in action.