Seek – The Seeker (Magi)

Seek – The Seeker (Magi)

Jesus’s presence is constant and available but it must be sought out. This was true for those who sought Christ on that very first Christmas and it’s true for us today. Through his Holy Spirit, Jesus draws near to those who draw near to him and he promises that those who seek will find him.
  • November 30 – The Present (Angels)
  • December 7 – The Humble (Mary and Joseph)
  • December 14 – The Outsider (Shepherds)
  • December 21 – The Seeker (Magi)
  • December 24 – The Christ (Candlelight Christmas Eve)

 What is this sermon about?

This sermon is about the wise men and how their story can connect with our story.

Why is this sermon important?

This sermon is important because the way that the wise men seek Christ and offer their gifts can be a model for our lives today.

What is the context of this sermon?

This sermon has been prepared with the help of Come to Worship sermon series at which was December 2014. More information about this series can be found online at

What are the next action steps?

Bring your gifts as an act of worship.

What is the good news (bottom line)?

The good news is that we worship God because God first loved us.