"serve" Tagged Sermons

"serve" Tagged Sermons

Walking and Weeding: The Power of Serving Together

Jesus began one of his most famous parables, “A farmer went out to plant seeds…” He frequently used illustrations from the farm to teach his disciples about growing spiritually, the practices that help us live as disciples of Jesus Christ, and the struggles we face in experiencing the joy of the Christian life. Join First United Methodist Church this fall for Lessons from a Pumpkin Farm. We will study Jesus’ agricultural lessons and other biblical teachings regarding the spiritual life.…

Trusting the Path

This sermon is about the discipleship pathway at First United Methodist Church which tells us how to become, grow and make disciples of Jesus Christ. This sermon is important because to be and make disciples we have to know the path.

Come, Follow Me

This sermon is about what it means to be a disciple – in Jesus day and for us today. This sermon is important because understanding more of what it means to be a disciple can help us become one and help others along the pathway of discipleship.