Children’s Ministry Happenings for Week Ending September 24, 2017

Children’s Ministry Happenings for Week Ending September 24, 2017

Happy Wednesday!

Here is what we have going on for kids in the near future. Please remember to register here so we can get all permissions taken care of. Thank you! Also, a reminder to complete the My 3 cards (the ones where you ask people to be prayer partners with your kids) as we’ll have our first activity next month!

Tribe 1 (4th – 6th)

Wednesdays: Our small group time is using the Grapple curriculum, which is very much real-life centered. For these first few weeks, we’ll be talking a lot about how to get along with others, particularly those in our family. For FirstKids Serve, we are planning and will later construct some benches so that we have a more comfortable space for groups meeting in our church as well as passers by.

Sundays: We are beginning a Fellowship time (a chance to hang out, snack, and talk about life) from 10-10:30. Libby Johnson is leading it, and we’ll gather in Fellowship Hall in the basement. Kids’ Praise Team has also started back up from 10:30-11; we meet in the FirstKids Worship room on the 2nd floor. Chelle Edwards is leading that effort.

On the first Sundays of the month, our older tribe will have the opportunity to get training in how to lead various parts of worship. We went over acolyte responsibilities in September, and Pastor Andrew will be teaching them how to serve Communion on October 1 at 10:15. Meet in the sanctuary.

Lastly, if your child would like to help lead the nursery group or the Tribe 2 kids, please let me know! I’m working on a schedule that includes everyone who wants to help lead without overwhelming those classes with help.

Tribe 2 (K-3rd)

Wednesdays: FirstKids Serve made cookies and brownies for our first activity that were eaten at the community dinner hosted at our church on Saturday. This week, we’ll be making cards for the police officer who was severely injured when hit by a car in Wichita a few months back, and will be working to clean up the play yard at the church. We will NOT be meeting next Wednesday, as I’ll be out of town.

Sundays: In Sunday School and FirstKids Worship, we’ve been learning the stories of Samuel. We’ve also been working on the Lord’s Prayer in Worship; kids should have brought home a booklet that they can use to practice. Let me know if your’s didn’t make it home! We’ll also be learning the parts of the sanctuary in the next couple of weeks.

Nursery: We’ve been learning the story of Hannah all month, and all about babies, too! Our Bible verse is Speak. Your servant is listening, and we have it down pretty well! Next month, we’ll learn all about the special friendship between David and Jonathan.


Valecia Scribner

Director of Discipleship