Children’s Ministry Happenings for Week Ending October 8, 2017

Children’s Ministry Happenings for Week Ending October 8, 2017

I was at a church leadership conference part of last week, and one of the presenters said what I’ve experienced every week with our kids…this is a generation who cares about people, knows how important it is to feel included, and will speak up if they don’t think people are being treated “nicely”. Kudos to you as parents for instilling in them a love of neighbor! Here’s what we have going on this week:

Tribe 1 (4th-6th)

Wednesday: Our small group time (4-5 p.m.) will be devoted to exploring the issue of fairness in families, and how necessary it is to sometimes sacrifice for those we love (we’ll see if it sticks! Lol!). For our service portion, we will be priming the benches we’ve been planning for outreach groups at our church and for passersby. Please make sure they are wearing paint clothes; we’ll try our best to keep clean, but you know how that goes…

Sunday: We will have Fellowship time from 10-10:30 and Chelle will lead music from 10:30 – 11. She is already working with the older kids on the Christmas presentation, so if your kids want to help lead, please make sure you’re getting to the church by 10:30. See the attached document for an updated kids’ activities schedule/location guide. (Elementary_Opportunities)

Tribe 2 (K-3rd)

Wednesday: FirstKids Serve (5-6 p.m.) will be painting rocks that we can hide in the community to help bring joy to our community! Please wear paint clothes.

Sunday: Sunday morning programs have been studying the story of David, and this Sunday is the iconic story of David and Goliath. Sue Meyers has been playing her guitar for the kids while they sing during FirstKids Worship, and they will have a musical presentation on October 29 at both services to share the gift of music with our congregation. Seeing the kids sing brings a lot of joy to our church, so please try and make it if you can. Attached is an updated schedule of our kids’ activities.


Our little ones are learning the story of David and Jonathan this week, and how “The Lord sees into the heart” (our memory verse for the month). Friendship is a key concept during this lesson, so I invite you to talk with your kids about how to be a good friend.

Prayer Partners

Just a reminder to recruit 3 prayer partners for your kids if you haven’t already done so. We are having a prayer partner breakfast on October 29 at 10:15 in Fellowship Hall (note the schedule change). Please make sure to invite prayer partners to participate; it’s a great chance for them to get to know their prayer partner as they share a meal.

Have a great week!


Valecia Scribner

Director of Discipleship