Children’s Ministry Happenings for Week Ending October 22, 2017

Children’s Ministry Happenings for Week Ending October 22, 2017

Happy Fall!

Here’s what we have going on in the life of the church for kids in the near future; please let me know if you have any questions! Also, a reminder. Please register your kids so we have all the permissions we need to transport, and information we need in terms of allergies. Thanks for your attention to this. You can find the form at

Tribe 1 (4th – 6th grades)

Our small group is examining the claims made by Jesus to see if he is who he says he is. This week in our small group time, we ask the question, “Is Jesus a lunatic?” and will be working on the benches for our support groups who congregate by the fenced in side yard.

Chelle, one of our contemporary worship leaders, is starting to teach the kids to play the ukulele! She is also paying for half the cost (!). The church can pick up the remaining cost, or the kids can buy their own ukulele for $25. They are learning from 10:30-11 on Sunday mornings; let me know if your child would like to participate so we can get more ukuleles ordered if needed. It would require a regular commitment at least through Christmas, so please consider that when responding.

Lastly, Lord’s Acre is this Saturday so if you committed to coming, don’t forget! It is at the Welcome Center at the college, and if you show up at 4:30, that should be fine.

Tribe 2 (K-3rd)

Our younger group is learning about David and Abigail this week on Sunday, and will be shopping for the Blessing Box on Wednesday. We are so thankful for a donation made by one of the women’s group at the church that allows us to do this! Thank you Naomi Circle.


Our nursery crew is still studying David and Jonathan and what it means to be a good friend. Their memory verse is The Lord sees into the heart.


Valecia Scribner

Director of Discipleship

First United Methodist Church