Children’s Ministry Happenings for Week Ending November 5, 2017

Children’s Ministry Happenings for Week Ending November 5, 2017

Happy Halloween!

First, a Save the Date: Kids will be performing their Christmas program on Sunday, December 10. This includes nursery through 6th graders. Here’s what we have coming up in the life of the church for kids:

Tribe 1 (4th-6th grade)

We are wrapping up our series on “Who is Jesus” this week by examining his claim that he is Lord in small group time. We’ll be cooking in the kitchen for our Blessing Box for FirstKids Serve.

For leadership time this week, Pastor Andrew will be working with anyone interested in exploring what being a lay reader is like (they read scripture, prayers, etc). He’ll corral them after 1st service until it’s music time with Chelle at 10:30. For music, Chelle is working on Christmas music including a ukulele! Let me know if you want to purchase a ukulele; Chelle is covering half the cost, so your portion would be $25. The church can cover cost if your child wants to play but doesn’t want to keep the instrument.

Also a reminder of our party this Friday! We’ll be meeting at 5:30 at the church and will be going to swim, eat pizza, and do a nature walk (weather permitting). Please let me know if you plan to attend.

Tribe 2 (K-3rd grade)

We will be visiting our friends at Homestead (formerly Vintage Place) this Wednesday and will be singing for them. The songs will be This Little Light of Mine and Our God is an Awesome God; even if you haven’t been at “practice”, we’d love to have you come and visit. We’ll also deliver our fall leaf craft so they can display our lovely artwork!

On Sunday, we’ll be starting our discussion of Solomon. We will also start practicing for our Christmas program during FirstKids Worship at 11, so please make plans to attend as many Sundays as possible!


Our nursery kids will learn all about Solomon as king during the month of November. Thankfulness will also be a major point of emphasis, and our memory verse is God gave Solomon wisdom and very great understanding (1 Kings 4:29). We will also be learning our Christmas song from now until we perform on December 10.

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