Children’s Ministry Happenings for Week Ending March 4, 2018

Children’s Ministry Happenings for Week Ending March 4, 2018

The forecast looks like we can meet tomorrow…yay! Here’s a breakdown of what we have going on:

Tribe 1 (4th-6th)

On Wednesday, we will FINALLY be able to cover the second creation story and then we’ll compare the two to see what we learn. In celebration of creation and the nice weather we’re supposed to have, we’ll spend the Serve hour walking to Gordy park and doing general clean up at the park and along the way. We’ll also allow time for playing, naturally 🙂 If you have a leaf rake and it’s not a problem to bring it along, please do!

On Sundays, we might have a few adults joining us for ukulele practice at 10:00. Bring your ukulele’s along, and we’ll work more on our song! We’ll also start working with the younger Tribe this Sunday on learning the words, looking to perform a song on Palm Sunday. Ideas abound for the skit the kids are planning, so we’ll start zeroing in on what might actually be accomplished.

A couple of other events:

Camp: We’d like to get together a group of kids to go to Camp Horizon near Ark City this summer. Camps run Monday – Friday. Can you please let me know if your kid is interested, and how the two weeks below might work in your family’s schedule?

July 9-13

July 30-Aug 3

(July 16-20 is Bible School, FYI)

Lastly, I’ve been exploring the idea of a retreat for a human sexuality course called Created By God, produced by the United Methodist Church. It walks students through the reproductive system, sexual maturity, and intimate relationships. It would involve a dinner for families on Friday evening, a session for parents on Friday evening, and sessions for kids on Friday evening and Saturday morning. It is not designed to take the place of parental conversation, but is meant to enhance and reinforce it. You can learn more here Created By God. Again, please let me know if your kid would be interested! No dates set yet…I want to make sure there is interest before I get too far in planning.

Tribe 2 (K-3rd)

We should be able to meet Wednesday for FirstKids Serve at 5! Since the weather is supposed to be nice, we’re planning to walk to Gordy Park, picking up trash along the way as well as at the park. We’ll also allow time to play, of course! If you haven’t yet registered your kids for First UMC programs, please take a minute to do so as part of the form is giving us permission to transport (or walk, in this case!).  Here’s the link to register: Registration Form If it’s not a big deal to bring a leaf rake, please do so, we could probably use some.

On Sunday mornings in March, our kids will learn how some different Bible characters honored Jesus as well as the events leading up to the crucifixion and resurrection. We’ll continue to learn a little more about Lent, and will start working with our older group on a song we can perform for Palm Sunday.


Our nursery kids are learning all about Palm Sunday and how people welcomed Jesus into Jerusalem and how we can STILL welcome Jesus into our hearts! You’ll probably hear lots of ‘hosannas’ as we make our way through this unit. The memory verse is:

Blessings on the one who comes in the name of the Lord!  from Mark 11:9.

Thank you!


Valecia Scribner