Children’s Ministry Happenings for Week Ending December 3, 2017

Children’s Ministry Happenings for Week Ending December 3, 2017

Advent starts this Sunday! Advent is a time for preparing our hearts for the coming of the Christ child, and our church has a devotional coloring guide to help individuals and families get ready. You can pick one up on Sunday or make arrangements with me to get one another time. Here’s what else we have going on:

Tribe 1 (4th-6th grades)

The lesson for our small group time this week is the long awaited, much anticipated “Is God a Party Pooper?” where we explore the role fun has in our relationship with Jesus.

FirstKids Serve time will be devoted to ringing bells at Dillons for Salvation Army. We will finish our sewing project for the kids at the Safe House next week. On the 13th, we will have an extended FirstKids Serve time so we can go caroling at the nursing homes and other elderly folks’ homes. Please let me know if you have anyone to add to our list of stops! We will eat a meal, so no worries there, and we can drop off kids when we’re finished.

Our Christmas program is quickly approaching, so please make sure your kids are making it to practice! Sunday mornings at 10:30… it involves singing practice as well as ukulele practice.

Tribe 2 (K-3rd grades)

For FirstKids Serve this week, we’ll be baking cupcakes to take the the fire department to wish them a Merry Christmas. We’ll also get to sample our work, and we’ll send an extra cupcake home with the kids they can give to a neighbor.

We are also going to have a FUN OUTING for this group on Friday, Dec 1. We are planning to go and see the movie The Star at the theater here in town, so long as it is still playing (if it isn’t playing, we can change our game plan to seeing Coco). Because show times aren’t published yet, you can just drop off your kids after school and we can eat a snack and play until it’s time to leave (most matinees are around 4:30).  Please RSVP to Valecia at or text 316.323.3821. I’ll also need a parent volunteer, so let me know if you’re interested! The church will cover the cost of admission to the movie.

Sunday mornings have been all about Solomon and the Temple, but this week, we start learning the Christmas story. Kids in this age group are practicing for their program, too, during FirstKids Worship at 11. Please make this practice  a priority so the kids are ready to sing.


We are finished studying King Solomon; it’s a good thing, ’cause no one could remember his name anyway! We will be learning the Christmas story during the next few weeks, so everything is about baby Jesus. We are also practicing our songs during the 11:00 Worship time, so please come if you can.

Thank you for sharing your kids with us!


Valecia Scribner