Children’s Ministry Happenings for Week Ending April 8, 2018

Children’s Ministry Happenings for Week Ending April 8, 2018

Here’s what we have going on; please let me know if you have questions!

Activity for 3rd – 5th grade boys: On April 13 starting at 4, we will have an ultimate capture the flag contest. If the weather allows, we’ll walk down to Gordy Park, otherwise we’ll stay at the church. We will play for awhile then will eat pizza around 5:30. Please let me know if you can come! I will need an accurate headcount for pizza-ordering purposes…this would be a great activity to invite your friends to!

Tribe 1 (4th-6th)

We will be meeting for small group on Wednesday at 4 to begin our discussion of gender and how it relates to God and faith. During Serve time, we will be preparing a meal for Thrive! Butler, an anti-poverty initiative that is holding meetings at our church.

We will resume ukulele practice Sunday at 10 on the west side of Fellowship Hall, and will follow that with at time of fellowship and working on our skit.

I’m also looking at the evening of May 4 and the morning of May 5 to do a sex education program called Created by God. Parents and kids will have dinner together on the 4th, and will split up after for separate conversations. On the 5th, only kids’ presence will be required. Let me know if your family intends to participate and if you need a ride.

Tribe 2 (K-3rd)

This week and next, we’ll take a look at Paul and how his life changed because of Jesus on Sunday mornings at 10 for Sunday School and 11 for Children’s Church.

On Wednesday, we’ll help make food for Thrive! Butler, an anti-poverty initiative meeting in our church. We’ll also talk about what the Bible teaches us about hungry people.


Our nursery kids will be learning about Easter all month and how the tomb was empty. If at all possible, please discourage your kids from bringing toys along to church; toys often distract and make it difficult to teach. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter!


Valecia Scribner

Director of Discipleship
P.S. I also forgot to mention that the Tribe 2 kids will be singing for 2nd service with our kid ukulele band! We will practice a bit during Children’s Church at 11, and will come down before Children’s Time to perform.