Jan 9 – Feb 27, 2022

Sermon series

Love Never Ends The lights come down. The parties are over. And now we slog through the rest of winter. Or maybe this year is something different. Maybe we continue celebrating the light that came into the world by reflecting the light out to the world. Maybe we let Christ, the gift of Love, be the gift that keeps on giving. We invite you to join us as we journey through the words of the Apostle Paul in 1st Corinthians…
Dec 24, 2021

Christmas Eve Service

All season we have been talking about coming home for Christmas. Christmas Eve, home comes to us. Christmas Eve, the Savior comes to us. Christmas Eve, we celebrate that love incarnate, God with Us, acmes to us as a newborn babe, laid in a manger. Christmas Eve, we celebrate the birth of the newborn King. This Christmas Eve, come home and find that love, that God, has come home to all of us.
Nov 28, 2021 – Jan 2, 2022

Advent Sermon Series

“Come Home For Christmas” Home for Christmas. It’s uplifting and terrifying! We may long for home and loved ones, but what about the arguments left over from whenever? We long for home, but where is home really? We long for home, but does anyone really want us there? After a year of major strife, maybe we should just stay away. Or, maybe, this Advent Season, we can begin to head home to the Kin-do of God. Maybe, we can follow…
Nov 21, 2021

November sermon series

“A Life That Matters” The past two years have asked us to look at our lives – to see what is important to us. We have had to change, to grow, to transform. But as we work to get back to “normal” – even a “new normal” – how do we incorporate those lessons we have learned. What does a new normal mean for how we live as disciples of Jesus Christ? What are some of the markers that help…
Sep 19 – Oct 3, 2021

Stewardship campaign

Our stewardship campaign for 2022 is #rebuildchurch! We will kick it off September 19th. Commitment Sunday is October 3. Your generosity is how we have the resources to do ministry for the coming year. First UMC ElDo reminds you that there’s an easier way to give. EFT is a fast, secure way to make donations. With EFT you can give in the moment without writing a check or preparing an envelope. Make a one-time stewardship pledge or set up recurring…
Sep 26, 2021

September sermon series

“Doers of the Word” Doers of the Word In our world, we put a lot of emphasis on words. Which makes sense; words are an important part of communication. And so are our actions. In September, we explore the epistle of James that helps us to focus outward. James encourages us to do things that help our neighborhood and our community even as we come together in worship. We invite you to join us for worship to be “Doers of…
Jul 11 – Aug 2, 2021

Watch party for leadership institute

This year we are excited to offer a new opportunity by hosting a Watch Party here at our church! Sign up by August 2, to join us for Leadership Institute on September 29, 30 and October 1 here at First UMC ElDo. If you have never been before- this is a great opportunity for you! Sign up
Jun 26, 2021

Community Prayer Service

The Ministerial Alliance is hosting a Community Prayer Worship Service. Please join us on June 26th at 2 pm in the parking lot of First United Methodist Church of El Dorado.
Jul 6, 2021

Bible Study

GENESIS to REVELATION: NUMBERS DEUTERONOMY We would love to have you! Tuesdays starting July 6 at 2 pm Explore the Bible and discover its relevance in our lives today.  These studies help strengthen our understanding and appreciation of the Bible by enabling us to engage the Scripture on three levels: What does the Bible say? Questions to consider while reading the passage for each session. What does the passage mean?  Unpacks key verses in the selected passage. How does the Scripture relate…
May 23, 2021

All Church Ice Cream Social

Come celebrate Pentecost at an all-church come and go ice cream social party. Visit and enjoy an ice cream! Please bring canned items to help us fill the blessing box. Sponsored by Impact Ministries.
May 9 – 23, 2021

Children’s church

Kids Grades K-5: Join Ms. Lauren for Children’s Church during the service at 9 am (following Children’s Time) for Lesson/Games/Crafts