Mar 2 – Apr 14, 2022


Gathered Up in Jesus.  The Season of Lent can seem dark and scary. Even if we admit that we do need to work on things (and we do!), it can seem like a never-ending hopeless task where we always come up short. We start seeing issues in ourselves and suddenly we are overwhelmed with no idea of how to begin to grow. What would happen if saw Lent as a chance to work with the One who loves us just…
Apr 17, 2022


Witness to the Resurrection! Did you ever see something amazing and just had to share it? On the flipside, did you ever miss the miraculous and wish you had been there? When we proclaim the Jesus Christ’s resurrection, we bear witness to this amazing, miraculous event. Bearing witness is more than simply saying we saw it. Saying, with the disciples, “we are witnesses” is not simply a matter of pride, or worse yet, one-upmanship. It is claiming a responsibility, or…
Apr 24, 2024

Recycle with first umc !!!

Service project for UMC. Recycling and saving Mother Earth for generations to come. TO PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING AND FOR THIS TO BE SUCCESSFUL AND CONTINUE: We ask you to remain in your cars/trucks unless you are unloading Items MUST BE RINSED WELL Items MUST BE pre-sorted in the groups of items Will collect recyclable weekly on Wednesdays. Questions? Contact Shelley Shipman at
May 1 – 30, 2024

Post High School Education Scholarship – Application Deadline

The Memorials Committee at First United Methodist Church in El Dorado, KS distributes grants for college students. An application must be submitted for each semester for which a grant is requested. Grants will be available for up to $750 each semester, will be awarded twice a year, and will be available for eight semesters. Recipients must be a member or the child of a member of First United Methodist Church in El Dorado, KS and enrolled as a full time…