Nov 1 – 22, 2020

Christ | Here and Now

Join us on November 1 as we begin the sermon series, Christ Here and Now.  2020 has challenged everything and we can’t wait for it to end!  As we get closer to the end of the calendar year and the Liturgical year, we keep asking “Are we there yet?”  How much further to go before the world changes?  How much longer before Christ comes again?  As Easter people, as post-resurrection people, we are called into the now and not yet Kingdom of God.  We are called…
Nov 29 – Dec 27, 2020

Company’s Coming

Who doesn’t like Advent?  It is a season of excitement and anticipation and joy.  Lots and lots of joy.  Even when we acknowledge that we aren’t ready for what is coming, for the realm that is promised, for the kin-dom we hope for.  Yes, we know we are to spread hope, but hope is hard to find in all the fear.  But the promised Messiah did come. The birth really did happen!  And Christ will come again!  We invite you to come worship with us this Advent as…